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The First Channel Making Top 10 Strongest Sharks in Hungry Shark Evolution.

In this video I want to show you Top 10 Strongest Sharks in Hungry Shark Evolution.
Including gameplay to demontrated how strong & destructive each sharks at top 10.

This is how I judge who 10 strongest shark in Hungry Shark Evolution.
– First from how powerful & deadly ability from each sharks to kill & destroy.
– Second is how fast each sharks ability hit their target.
– Third how far the range ability from each sharks.It’s very clear more far the range more better, because the shark don’t need get close to the target, just release their ability from far distance.
– For sharks who don’t have ability I judge them from how strong their bite and how big their health.
– All sharks judged by their max level stats & ability which mean no equipment and no baby shark.
– I don’t judge how strong these sharks by their Gold Rush because Gold Rush takes a very long time to activate and can’t be controlled, Gold Rush activates immediately when the bar fills up.

I hope this video can give useful information who Top 10 Strongest Sharks in Hungry Shark Evolution.

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  1. megalodons bite definitely has the best bite out of all the sharks

  2. I unlocked
    Reef Shark,Mako Shark, Hammerhead shark and Tiger Shark 🦈🦈🦈🦈

  3. Mr Snappy was my favorite one. Good old Mosasaur.

  4. I have played this game for 3 months And now i have the megalodon and Electric Shark

  5. You are wrong the number 1 is classic legend

  6. Yes Megalodon😁 my favorite shark! Is strong😃

  7. Big daddy & Mr. snappy & Leo & neesie: Ok í reach 10 néesie to Unlocked Thistle Sharkjira

  8. I had
    “Big daddy” but my devise broke and I didn’t save so I lost all progress 😭

  9. I have all sharks
    Coz i played for 6 years alrdy

  10. And for me the best shark is abyssourus evolved

  11. 10 megalodon
    9 abysshark
    8 sharkjira
    7 kraken
    6 abyssaurus rex
    5 luminite
    4 mangajira
    3 aaron
    2 mecha sharkjira
    1 behemoth

  12. wow i realised they never remodeled a shark before, they should do that.

  13. When Moby dick is level 10 full he so huge

  14. You dont have any update already ''laugh''

  15. Kraken is stronger than sharkjira kraken can kill enemy abysshark kraken luminite and behemoth sharkjira can kill them when there's atomic breath and gold rush only

  16. I think kraken is the strongest by now because all it have to do is boost and drill through stronger shark and it will kill it.

  17. Bro I just bought all the shark in 2 weeks😎
    favorite shark: kraken magmajira and sharknarok

  18. These sharks are strong i wish i got a strongest sharks

  19. Im sorry but I can not take this video seriously after seeing moby dick on the list i died with him like 30 times because he could not eat a fish that was right in front of him his flexibility is the 1 a stick would have and his speed is…i died because a sword fish out runed me and killed me as well as died from angler fish TRICE(again because he wasnt eating them)

  20. The kraken is too op. It can kill any enemy stronger than it just by dashing.

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