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TA Plays: ‘Hungry Shark Evolution’ – Terrorizing the Ocean, Now in 3D

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Brad and Jared might need a bigger boat as they sit down with Hungry Shark Evolution, the new 3D sequel to the popular Hungry Shark trilogy of games on iOS.

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  1. I have been playing it for days and I still have no idea how to boost?

  2. Megalodon price is 50000…….i am gonna buy the laser……..when u already have a megalodon its is easy to earn more money……..

  3. I ate something big in goldrush and i think it was a megaolden s a reef shark

  4. Hey Brad and Jared, not sure if anyone has answered yet, but I think you are talking about 'E.V.O: Search for Eden'

  5. I unlocked the crab lair and I can go in and there's a huge crab. I don't know how to defeat it tho,

  6. I have that game I have the tiger shark bro's

  7. I have the tiger shark trying to get the gw how much does the megalodon cost

  8. How do I make good money in shark evo I'm making Carl right now

  9. Now you don’t actually have to find shells to unlock missions

  10. hello there comments from the 2012 year. i am the comment from 2020.

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