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Spending $1000 Upgrading The Rarest Shark

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I Spent $1000 Upgrading Sharks For You

Money well spent if you ask me. I evolved a shark so powerful that I ate everything in the ocean with no issues. I guess that’s what happens when you spend large amounts of money to win easily.

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  1. Somehow I joined the game and I got Everything free In it's weird

  2. Thank God for players like you! These games wouldn't exist otherwise.. (I would pay too if I could but playing for free and just giving myself all the goods will have to do for now.. Also thank God for Bluestacks and Cheat Engine.)

  3. FOV: you found Apk mod infinite coins and gems
    This guys:💀☠💀

  4. I spent zero dollars, just constantly watching adds for free gems… and got the behemoth which is the best.

  5. Bro spended 1k in a game that u can hack…

  6. As a kid I was always so mad that they made the dunkleosteus more powerful and bigger then the megalodon cause in reality it wasn't even half the size of it

  7. Me who downloaded this game from happy mood and got rid of it 20m later 🙃

  8. Change the date on your phone and then get as many daily rewards as you want 🤗

  9. Bro is the definition of pay to win player fulfilling the dream of spending to skip progression

  10. I do enjoy playing this game is very relaxing

  11. Me be like during my days: LUCKY PATCHER😋

  12. i used cheat so i unlock everything no money used

  13. He avoided a Kempy Bass encounter thinking Kempy was a poisonous fish. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  14. Bro I spend 0 dollars getting the best shark In like 4 days

  15. "I need to remember not to put the spikey things in my mouth.

    oo a sea mine"

  16. Oof rip couldve gotten same amount for only 3$ big RIP

  17. bro why tf did you spend that many it's easy getting behemoth don't spend money bro I already got all of the sharks in 50 days

  18. Dude could have just change the dates , earn some rewards and repeat

    Rise and repeat i always say

  19. You know you could have used mods and saved alot of money and you'd have all the sharks lol

  20. U ever heard about cheat engine I think he used it its not online game

  21. I've played this game for a while and this gameplay is kinda painful if im being honest

  22. Not me hacking the game for free 😂😂

  23. Man all I hear is Dr. evil is there a shark with a freaking laserbeam

  24. Totally like I didn’t glitch a similar amount of gems for free 👀

  25. I have get it in 1 day, with out hacks and money lol, using a bug, changing days and getting rewards then un an get 900 gems

  26. Me just installing the modded game worth 100k dollars and just transferring the data on a fb account

  27. 1000$? I just downloaded from happy mod got everything

  28. Me who downloads the game cheated: wait you spent what now?!

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