SHARKNAROK vs MAGMAJIRA in Hungry Shark Evolution -

SHARKNAROK vs MAGMAJIRA in Hungry Shark Evolution

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The Sharknarok (Sea Serpent) and the Magmajira (Kaiju Shark) in Hungry Shark Evolution game.


  1. Okay let end the arguably debate about magmajira vs sharknorak. Okay now sharknarak take more damage than magmajira and plus ain't he the 1st topest of all the strongest characters on the game? Listen I'm a godzilla fan to but hear me out magmajira only win because of gold rush only or evening more maybe a nuclear pulse so my quess is still magmajira.

  2. I got Behemoth, can't wait for owning Sharknarok

  3. Magmajira is more powerful than Sharknarok.
    It is not a problem that Magmagira's standard weight class is relatively smaller. ‘Magma Aura’ and ‘Atomic Breath’ are the strongest skills that instantly kill all intruders over a very long period of time. Magmajira does not have to worry about enemies larger than himself, and all enemies in the sea will be annihilated by simply swimming while using the boost.
    On the other hand, Sharknarok's 'Awakening Thunder' and 'Blade of Vengeance' have very low attack power, so it takes a relatively longer time to kill large enemies compared to Magmajira. In particular, 'Blade of Revenge' has a very large gap in the attack trajectory, making it almost impossible to kill not only large enemies but also small enemies. 'Awakened Thunder' is excellent at slaughtering small fish, but it is only a stun gun when dealing with large enemies. If you were swimming while boosting, you might miss some of the larger enemies without being able to kill them.How cumbersome is it to have to kill every large enemy you come across by biting them in the mouth?
    To sum up, Magmazira is a David in powered armor and a nuclear bomb, and Sharknarok is a bare-handed, dumb Goliath.

  4. Fax:Sharknarok can eat anything thing and in the video it got more points and coinBut magmajira is easier to use and the ability is betterBut i'd say sharknarok is better overall

  5. No entiendo el debate aqui, literalmente sharknarok es el mas fuerte por ser el ultimo tiburon

  6. magmajira is stronger and better

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