SHARKJIRA VS NESSIE SHARK !!! - Hungry Shark Evolution -

SHARKJIRA VS NESSIE SHARK !!! – Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution
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SHARKJIRA VS NESSIE SHARK !!! – Hungry Shark Evolution
sharkjira hungry shark
sharkira hungry shark evolution


  1. I got 12 357 678 points in 4 min with electroshark

  2. obviously bro the sharkjiraa
    . best shark evrr

  3. hungry shark evolution.
    bro can u plss tell me how you got ur progress auto-save.??

  4. Nessie is better but sharkijira is good for more points

  5. Nessie has a good fell when u play with it

  6. Hungry shark evolution por favor me puedes enviar un montón de gemas

  7. i have two of them and the final shark

  8. Boyfriend italiano anti hater de todas as garotas says:

    Moonkase não meu deus

  9. juega con enzo (Minecraft, fornite entre otros) says:

    Estas mudo o que"

  10. Lol add in the middle😂

  11. I was about to get Nessie, but then I thought what if I spotted a shark I wanted to eat then ended up teleporting by accident. 😒

  12. Everyone knows sharkjira will win of course because his the strongest shark in hungry shark evo because of his atomic breath.

  13. Sharkjira is more powerful but more i like nessie

  14. nessie is powerful but sharkjira is godzilla and you know godzilla

  15. hola me puedes dar monedas como 3000,000 de monedas y de jemas 3000,000

  16. Video: Nessie vs Sharkjira


    Hungry Shark Evolution:Sharkjira Win

  17. How do you get the red blue and green trail? (14/3/21 when I am writing this)

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