Sharkjira (Kaiju Shark) Unlocked - Hungry Shark Evolution -

Sharkjira (Kaiju Shark) Unlocked – Hungry Shark Evolution

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New shark the Sharkjira (Kaiju Shark) Unlocked in Hungry Shark Evolution games.

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  1. Thank you bro now you show me how much shark driver cost his $250,000 thank you I love you

  2. Can I unlock shajria and mecha shajria now also,can I unlock it now or it will not be there😥😥

  3. Luminite shark 4.7&MechaSharkjira5.6&ShinSharkjira says:

    i dont like shark jira i want kraken

  4. Can you tell me the date from when did you got this kaiju shark

  5. Oh stupid l left godzilla now there is no sale in godzilla l am sad

  6. I love sharkjira because he is the most powerfull shark

  7. you no shit me shit you search googel Hungri sharck mod apk

  8. Abyysshark powerfull then luminate bruh

  9. I have all shark with secret code!

  10. Geez my guy ate all the humand in one game he likes this game like me

  11. Pls make a vid how to get that i will like all of ur vid and sub

  12. I wish the discount was still there so I wouldn't have to make so much trouble getting every shark

  13. Guess what I am a girl and I have a brother. And today both of us got the shark. Jira k.j

  14. Question like the sharkjira is on sale rn but if I buy it will I be able to buy the next pet on sale?

  15. isn't it weird, that stupid seal can still nip even Godzilla I really hate that seal I hate that seal just as much as i hate mineta nice vid I really loved that they included my favourite Godzilla in this game

  16. Gaming clip if someone choose sharkjira why there is a castle and other shark no castle? Please answer me

  17. I got it and it was 85 percent off and it was cheap and it is also very op

  18. Bro i also buy it in discount my dream godzilla

  19. How did the sharjira through ice ray from his mouth

  20. I can't download😭 and I can't buy shark 😯

  21. Good I search this up and this video was posted 11 months ago good because now I can go to settings put date and time date to 11 months early of this time and the game's going to think that it's that time so it's going to give me a discount for shark zero something like that

  22. Godzilla why her name sharkjira and he have atomic breath i want him name sharkzilla

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