SHARK-KHAN (SABERTOOTH SHARK)! - Hungry Shark Evolution -

SHARK-KHAN (SABERTOOTH SHARK)! – Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution
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SHARK-KHAN (SABERTOOTH SHARK)! – Hungry Shark Evolution
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  1. OMG son los tiburones que van a sacar muy pronto

  2. I dunno, I evolved this shark just now and it’s not as good as the darkhammer head

  3. Una pregunta ya está la actualización ??? O que

  4. I can't get the update but all of y'all have no fare am mad

  5. there is a bug when i open the game it dosent show this update it show it in a time but when i opend the game again it didnt show

  6. I have a name for the technique of the Shark Khan : Shark Roar

  7. Shark Khan. Sounds like… Shao Kahn for Mortal Kombat

  8. I love evolving sharks but only I like is the magmajira this look like tiger by the way

  9. tengo una duda cuando saldrá la actualización?

  10. For some reason I can’t have evolve my other sharks

  11. When is the update coming to phillipines

  12. Where the update i still dont have

  13. Это во абнанвления нет да

  14. Блин в России ещë нету 😥 обновы

  15. Pls realise in pilipinse and android

  16. This is not the hungry shark evolution official channel its a fake channel

  17. Realise on android pls im waiting on 6 days

  18. when will it realease im not begging im just asking ok

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