SHAR KHAN Sabertooth Shark unlocked! Hungry Shark Evolution -

SHAR KHAN Sabertooth Shark unlocked! Hungry Shark Evolution

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The Shar-Khan (Sabertooth shark) is an evolved shark in Hungry Shark Evolution game. The Shar-Khan (Sabertooth shark) is new shark that Tiger Shark evolved into Shar-Khan (Sabertooth shark) in the newest update of Hungry Shark Evolution game.

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  1. kraken cooks everything like bro the tentacle drill kills anything even behemoth and luminite and also cooks the sharknarok its so good

  2. There's so many down sides of this evolution

    1. Its small size making you not see that much and be aware

    2. Its small hit box if you crowed control the enemy it sometimes wouldn't make you it them resulting you to dying

    3. Because of its small hit box it doesn't let you to eat that much

  3. Idk why everybody says that shark khan is trash , this shark literally broken it can stun and easily every strong shark in the game

  4. Guys I got sharkanarok without unlocking luminite and unlocked behemot aswell😊

  5. Dark hammer is perfect I love it this shark is a piece of shit the only reason I bought it is to max out my collection this shark I absolutely ass 100% NOT WORTH IT

  6. evem normal tiger shark,is better than this garbage😭😭😭

  7. Thanks guys i was gonna spend coins on that

  8. Shark khan has bigger from king so strong and roar and buff and tail

  9. I equipped it with robo baby to deal with bigger shark

  10. Fun fact:. Sharkhan is one of the best evolved sharks

  11. This is no tiger shark this megaladon 50.000 and bomb mahince

  12. Bruh darkhammer better than sharkhan I just waste my coin for this terrible shark💀💀💀💀

  13. Guys don't waste ur money on this shark it's bite power is terrible and it takes ages to lvl up dark hammer head is 50times better than this shark it's a waste of money

  14. this shark is horrible, i can barely eat anything

  15. Bro this shark sucks. It’s Boo ability doesn’t even let u do anything. Gold rush takes 1 year to fill up and just get darkhammer. Darkhammer is invincible during gold rush. Using dark hammer during gold rush let’s you eat a behemoth shark literally

  16. Can you tell me is (shark Khan) is power full or not because I'm buying him please tell me fast

  17. Its a terrible shark do not waist your money for this it can barely eat

  18. Can somebody explain me why everyone hates this shark?I litrelly got 1,381,929 Points on my first try on the shark and got 5k coins.

  19. Can i get my hundred k back? The shark is terrible

  20. He didn't have a gold rush with sharkhan

  21. This shark is shite. The electro shark does basically the same job of stunning enemies but for a quarter of the price

  22. Omg its health is what im looking for 🙂

  23. If anyone sees these don’t waste ur coins on this shark. It’s absolutely terrible. It takes 5 years to fill up gold rush and lvs up slow asf. Just get the dark hammer and stick with that for a while

  24. i dont know why did they even made that stupid shark its terrible

  25. i recommend deleting that shark it can nit even eat

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