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Today I rate all the sharks from hungry shark evolution that come after the great white. Hope you all enjoyed!


  1. By the way the super mission for the Kraken is impossible. It requires you to get 650 million points with the kraken! Even with all the best gear I don't think I'll ever get it.

  2. The moby is best shark for survive why do you think is trash you are trash you fucking shit ! πŸ™

  3. Sharkjira's ability's name is atomic breath

  4. Sharkjira is the best from out of those tbh

  5. Megalodon is trash. can't even eat extreme mines and pyro sharks unlike the big daddy. Not only that, but there are so many enemy shark above him. He also gets oneshotted by some of the sharks in the game.

  6. I'd still argue that sharkjira is the best shark because of the insane amount of points he can get at once. I remember I got 50 million points in a second from exploding a toxic barrel which killed everything around ot. Although the kraken gets a good consistent amount of points with its abilities, whenever I play sharkjira I can randomly get 10 to 20 million points out of nowhere from the atomic breath.

  7. Yes kraken is alot more powerful than other sharks I got to level 6 in one day while it takes atleast 3 days for most of sharks

  8. I dont agree
    Nessie being the best is because her eating distance area is pretty small unless you have shark vortex, shes not that good when it comes to horde but overall shes only A tier thanks to its portal ability perfectly matches with gold rush.

    Mosasaurus isnt a B tier since his small and same problem with nessie he also eats at a small distance unlike alan, overall his only avarage.

    Big daddy is little bit better than megalodon, his the only shark being able to immune submarine torpedos directly at the face.

  9. Shark zilla is still can kill the void and kraken easily out of no where with atomic breath

  10. Are your comments made on your different accounts?

  11. at the moment, yes, kraken is the king, but if the old sharkjira was still in this game, the kraken would have been dominated…

  12. howdy dude, now that luminate is in the game, are u gonna make another shark tier list? that would be very much appreciated :3

  13. Anti Rex 3000 The Legendary Dinosaur Shark YT says:

    Moby Isnt Bad For Me
    Because He Can Boost To Submarine At Any Part Like Big Daddy

  14. π“œπ”‚π“Όπ“½π“²π“¬ says:

    I like moby dicks design but if hes dat bad then

  15. Kraken’s last mission is to get 650,000,000 points πŸ₯²

  16. Karken:Hahaha i am the bes-
    Luminate:are you sure about that?

  17. You didnt include luminite reef mask hammerhead great White or tiger shark

  18. I like the great white…he’s pretty cool an he has tattoos…??? That’s bad ass

  19. "00:24" πŸ˜‚ Why waste your time when only π—œπ—‘π—π—”π—£π—£.𝒄𝒐m' πŸ“Œ does it for everybody

  20. '0:29" You all can use β™₯ 𝑰𝑡𝑱𝑨𝑷𝑷.π‘ͺ𝑢𝑴 to get yours, it is the only one that worked for me πŸ§’

  21. Snappy is trash I have evolved snappy and still trash

  22. "The only thing is BITCH -i mean is missions-"

  23. Thumbnail: me hatez krakenz
    The real video: I am sure this is what the thumbnail thinks.

  24. In my opinion big daddy should he like trash since now his hunger dies fast like a shark out of water yeah yet i always die from hunger as big daddy while tryin to complete my missions

  25. I think moby and nessie is in best in sea rank

  26. How good they are and the missions as how good they are and as a species as good they are as a species and missions and as good they are

  27. can you make a tier list of hungry shark world pleaseeeeee

  28. For some reason I think alan is better than leo and nessie

  29. fun day with Giselle Keith and Matthew says:

    Ok dude listen I don’t mean to be rude but how could you do that to moby but I like your opinion for the Meg

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