Playing the older version of Hungry Shark Evolution IPhone Gameplay -

Playing the older version of Hungry Shark Evolution IPhone Gameplay

Daniel C
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  1. i remember this version, we tried get laser with my friend

  2. Why the new version has remodel the scale of big daddy. In older version. Big daddy was biggest and 30 meters and was bigger like that eneby big daddy noe in new version. Our big daddy is smaller than enemy big daddy

  3. Ah yes i remember the old design before they updated EVERYTHING

  4. when i have 4 years on the car i played this game on 2015 and now im 10 years old

  5. Getting new sharkz would be the best thing ever after grinding

  6. I hate how they keep adding useless overpowered "sharks" who aren't even sharks. Like, what is the point of Mr. Snappy and Alan. All they do is eat the enemy version of themselves. They're literally useless. Aswell as the other "sharks" that were added for nothing

  7. Damn i miss this old version

  8. i remember this version then they ruined it, i think they want people to move to hungry shark world

  9. I remember that i got a tablet from my grandma and that was my first game

  10. My grandmother played this game and i really miss everything it's because they changed everything

  11. Have anyone wondered how he got that much gems?

  12. The UI used to be better
    I remember the biggest shark I had was Mr snappy but i deleted the app in another device

  13. I remember getting this game back in 2016
    I got it when Nancy the Narwhal came out

  14. i remember this game i loved it at 2018 and 2020

  15. The last time I remember playing this is when I'm grade 2, Mr Snappy's price made my jaw drop. Haha

  16. Modern hungry shark is too OP like supernatural sharks and if you get a high highscore you certainly will die fast because of the most OP sharks in the game

  17. Does anyone know how to get this version on the phone

  18. This video is nostalgic to me bc i played this back when I was 8 years old

  19. I remember since i was 5 i saw a portal and i go "OMG A GATEWAY TO HELL" Brings back soo many memories

  20. I really wish they bring this design again, it looks way better than the one today

  21. Damn this is so good how did you get it on IPhone though

  22. I have old version in my phone I have downloaded it from Google

  23. man the old days kinda cool when and my parents play that game together

  24. I remember wanting the megalodon so bad so that I could impress my dad who had Mr. Snappy

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