New Update : Evolutions full reveal Trailer - Hungry Shark Evolution -

New Update : Evolutions full reveal Trailer – Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution
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New Update : Evolutions full reveal Trailer – Hungry Shark Evolution
Bigger 🦈
Faster 💨
Stronger 💪
You can now evolve the most powerful sharks in Hungry Shark Evolution!
Evolutions is LIVE now –


  1. the trailer is good, but if you play it, it's not as good as the trailer 🙁 but it's okay, how cool is the evolution

  2. the update was excellent but there is something I really wanted! which is to be able to play with both forms! because we can only play with the look, but the powers will remain the same! also have skins for the normal shape and the puppies!

  3. that means i can buy those mutants with 40,000 coins?

  4. The payment for the evolution for snappy and sharjira are jems

  5. I already evolve Hammerhead it was really good😂

  6. Hungry shark the best game but the sharks want so many game but them mony🙁🙁🙁🥺

  7. Only hammer head shark costs coins and snappy 400 and sharkjira 1000 gems dear lord thats a lot

  8. I dont have alot of gems cuz i spent all of them on alan and i cant get mosasaurus cuz i didnt buy big daddy

  9. Hey snappy and sharkjira not 40.000 coin to evolveeee

  10. I really like the evolved sharks and I’ve already got dark hammer and lord snappy. But when I got the limited offer today which was 50 gems 5000 coins and snappy junior I only got the gems and coins

  11. I got all three and let me tell you magmajira is soo good that I got so much coins out of it.

  12. Thank you for giving me enthusiasm to play this game again

  13. don't play that game at 3am, something will scare you

  14. When is it gonna update bro???. Update now please

  15. Let me give you a new idea, for example the newly evolved shark ALAN can send the people who built it to strengthen and destroy it again.

  16. can you add a shark named toxic jira

  17. Plz release other new sharks called
    Mega Luminite
    Dark Mako
    Long Nessie

  18. One qustion how did they envole into the biggrst beast toxic or food

  19. আরো নতুন নতুন হাঙ্গর চাই😭😭😭😭

  20. I wasted 40,000 coins on Dark Hammerhead, and it was worth it, I got the 40,000 coins back with only one game with Dark Hammerhead, this guy is so OP, so OP

    The bad thing is that it’s slow, but it’s stamina is good

  21. HAMMER SHARK: 40,00

  22. still think original hungry shark evo was 100x better

  23. 😖😖😖😖😖😱😱😱😱😱😱😵😵😵😵😵

  24. You can grind hammerhead to get electro shark, then grind electro shark until you can afford dark hammer and completely shatter game progression
    10/10 balancing

  25. Imagine darkhammer goldrush with shark vortex pulling all the gold prey to darkhammers insta kill force field :0

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