NEW TREASURE HUNT! (Map Pieces) - Hungry Shark Evolution -

NEW TREASURE HUNT! (Map Pieces) – Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution
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NEW TREASURE HUNT! (Map Pieces) – Hungry Shark Evolution


  1. I got all the maps and I didn't get anything 😞😞😞😢

  2. Bang kok aku cuma bisa nemuin 7 padahal semua tempat udah ku telusuri, apa map ny bakal muncul besok lagi ya

  3. This is not a competition against another, it's to find all the pieces of the map to get the copper, 1day =
    4 Pieces, no wonder it's 4 Days , The next event I want like that

  4. Can anyone help me?
    This event didn't appear in my game,there is only an event of eating shark invaders using luminite and it says 296 days left😢
    Edit: I just checked and there is an update😂 this event is in my game now

  5. Is it just me or did they increase gemfish spawns

  6. Can anyone help me, I dont have sharkveillance in my store

  7. Ура буду смотреть твои видео чтобы получить карты

  8. dude i already get two item and i try to find its not here

  9. Omg can't wait to play with puffy and got finally for the 2nd time the shark week 2019 🦈🐡

    cause the first one I buyed was in my old phone

  10. I already got them all today i love it

  11. Could anyone tell me what is a coffer I got all of the maps and event items but not a coffer

  12. Theres gonna be Another treasure hunt that gives 10K coins, Donut Float, Beach Umbrella, and Baby Sealena. I cannot let you know how I got this info.

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