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Another Fintastic Update From Hungry Shark Evolution 3 New Evolve Sharks.
Shar Khan, Aaron, Abyssaurus Unlocked & Shar Khan, Aaron, Abyssaurus Gameplay.

My thought about Shar Khan seems has very small eating range, very difficult for food to enter his mouth. Very slow Gold Rush took 6 minute for 1 Gold Rush.

Hungry Shark Evolution on Android.

Music : In-Game Music

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  1. aww i am only on the mako shark i need a bigger shark plz give me some tips to get a bigger shark thank you

  2. I didn't get update, maybe I'll get it tomorrow

  3. The evolved version look not good😭

  4. i never tought that there was having more evolved sharks

  5. Any idea when the update is coming out in?

  6. Can you make a video about the whole story of hungry "insert animal" series?

  7. When does the update go global?

  8. I just got the update!! The sharks look cool.

  9. Whenever the new man eater DLC comes out they should have the shark from man either into it and you have an option choice of the Shadow shark the bone shark or the electrocution shark

  10. I don’t know why it doesn’t give me the option to evolve my tiger shark

  11. Akhirnya UBISOFT mengeluarkan update nya secara global

  12. Bro why are you not using any equipment/gear? It will be better if you do, trust me 🙂

  13. Lucky I can update my game it's said it's not yet in our country but when I check Google playstore the update is there that's sad I can try new sharks

  14. How do u update
    This morning i open this game and it said u need to update this game to be apart of this event
    But when i tap update now it doest show the update button only uninstall and play

  15. my Hungry Shark Evolution doesn't have that shark I dunno why…

  16. Why I don’t have the update but it say update but I didn’t see Ithaca this

  17. First we went from normal real world sharks then we got sharkjira and all that and now we got mutations

  18. Did you guys noticed that the new abyyssaurus has three tiny purple angler pets?

  19. Акула Шерхан Аарон и пожиракула Рекс

  20. YES, it's time for to evolve. l will probably evolve Alan to Aaron, now, then l will see what l will do with Shark-Khan and Abyssaurus Rex.

  21. I can’t mega-evolve my tiger shark, alan and abyss even though I have them all?

  22. Shark han curses when u go gold rush lol

  23. 😡 And I still don't have the damn update

  24. Abyssaurus color change is beautiful ❤️

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