NEW PACK SHARK Unlocked!!! - Hungry Shark Evolution | HD -

NEW PACK SHARK Unlocked!!! – Hungry Shark Evolution | HD

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The New shark Fin, Finn N Finny is in Hungry Shark Evolution! Is it the best shark in the game, The first shark in Evolution to contain multiple sharks in one. This special shark grows and resets everytime you play!

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  1. How many of you hate crabs of hungry shark world

  2. Wait…. THIS GAME IS 10 YEARSOLD!?!?!?!? God this makes me feel old considering i'm just about to turn 13 this month

  3. It's actually the wires they've been chowing on. So is why submarines are armoured so they are safe from them. Unless somehow they start to evolve to take small chunks of metal🦈

  4. This game is growing increasingly cartoonish

  5. Just wasted 200,000 coins but it was worth it 😭😭😭😭

  6. Finally, Future Games of London is finally using real life sharks instead of fake sharks and creatures that aren’t sharks.

  7. I miss Mars so much. Ever since they added sharks beyond the literal alien that destroys world as a hobbie, it lost that magic in my eyes. However, I am fine with something like Abyss shark being beyond

  8. how do you straightup not have hammerhead lol

  9. ed edd and eddy refrence in this shark if not obvious

  10. The cookie-cutter shark is more of a parasite to whales, dolphins and seals. It is also hard to see them because they can cloak/ invisibility

  11. Wow it’s been 10 entire years. 4 year old me loved this game. And it still lives. Noice.

  12. I love how the special sharks have supernatural abilities and then fin finn and finny are just cookie cutters

  13. I'm starting to notice that the game art style are becoming similar to hungry shark world.

  14. just dowload the cheated version its not gonna wipe out your cash its better than long tine plaiyng for all the sharks and the upgrades

  15. Wait this game still has updates then what’s the point of the sequel game, Hungry shark world

  16. My friend mentioned ARK Survival to me and I just thought of this channel, lol.

  17. i used to play this when i was 5, and used to watch Gamingbeaver since I was 10, this vid is very nostalgic

  18. What i've always wanted them to add in this game is The Bloop

  19. shark looks like its from hungry shark world which i prefer over evo but it doesnt fit in to evo

  20. I forgot about this game I played this 7 years ago

  21. I would play with them more if the boost boosts the speed

  22. Finally you started playing hungry shark evolution

  23. I love that the special ability is saving you from using your gems on baby sharks. 😂 Love the shark though

  24. I watched this man when I was 5 I’m 13 now

  25. I have a million of coins and gems l,I buyed it and The sharks were so Strong when,if a seal attack you you just do booster and you automatically Kill the seal👌👌👌

  26. Your videos are really good YEAHHhHHhHhHHhH😊

  27. Go in the portal it's very nice😊

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