New LORD SNAPPY Unlocked (Hungry Shark Evolution) -

New LORD SNAPPY Unlocked (Hungry Shark Evolution)

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Hungry Shark Evolution Lord Snappy gameplay with the new shark Lord Snappy unlocked. The Lord Snappy Therionsaurus is a new shark in the newest update of Hungry Shark Evolution game. And the final boss is the Black Giant Crab, it’s the strongest and biggest Crab Boss in the game.

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  1. Is he good or is Aaron good, I'm in a choice of whom to evolve,

  2. So this lord shappy's ability is that he can turn any animal in stone, huh….talk about a sharkdusa

  3. Can someone please tell me how to get gems fast I love mosasaurus but I want it evolved pls help

  4. Ngl, he's a fun non-shark to use.

  5. I got lord snappy , he is literaly crocodile 😀🤣

  6. Luminite and Kraken are glitched. I hope they didn't nerfed kraken Abysshark or Luminite… Cause Kraken can't break rocks with tentacle slap also can't break submarine while doing tentacle slap, if you do the heartbeat ability from Luminite and use the heart beat ability on the submarine, it doesn't break the submarine anymore. If you use Luminite and "Quit game" it doesn't work. If you die as Luminite, he'll stay like that. I hope that isn't a nerf…

  7. Do you remember me GamingClips i am Sharkjira Hungry Shark Evolution Now Im Now a evolve
    Magma Jira Hungry Shark Evolution

  8. how does his breath ability work cuz i’m not getting any points or gold from it when i use it in gold rush

  9. Why on earth did baby snappy disappeared in my bany list when i buy this evolve skin of mr. Snappy i very disappointed 😠😠😠😠😠

  10. Man i wish i can buy it with coin for like 300,000 and that would be fine for me i guess

  11. If only it didn't cost 800 gems 🙄🙄🙄

  12. His Ability Was like Freeze Stone

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