NEW EVOLVED MOSASAURUS - LORD SNAPPY - Hungry Shark Evolution - Part 11 | Pungence -

NEW EVOLVED MOSASAURUS – LORD SNAPPY – Hungry Shark Evolution – Part 11 | Pungence

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Hungry Shark Evolution gameplay! Playing as the new evolved mosasaurus, Lord Snappy! Pungence plays Hungry Shark Evolution, a free mobile game for iOS and Android that lets you play as a shark, and you eat everything in sight! You can upgrade your shark’s speed, bite, boost, and more! New sharks are unlocked as you progress!

🐲 Hungry Dragon:
🐟 Feed and Grow Fish:
🐙 Octogeddon:

Here is a description of Hungry Shark Evolution from its creators, Ubisoft: We’re the Official game for Shark Week – live every week like it’s Shark Week!

Take control of a very Hungry Shark and go on a frantic ocean rampage, surviving as long as possible by eating everything and everyone in your way! Explore a beautiful underwater world and evolve iconic sharks like the Great White and Megalodon!

In this action-packed aquatic adventure you can:
• Unlock more than a dozen unique sharks and other fintastic creatures
• Explore an open world both above and below the waves
• Enjoy jawsome 3D graphics and sound effects
• Discover and devour mysterious creatures of the deep
• Recruit Baby Sharks to boost your predatory powers
• Equip awesome accessories like Lasers, Jetpacks and Top Hats!
• Find and collect sunken Bonus Objects
• Sink your teeth into loads of challenging missions
• Activate Gold Rush to survive longer and score higher
• Take part in regular in-game events and win limited edition prizes
• Attack with intuitive touch or tilt controls
• Play offline wherever you are – no Wi-Fi needed!
• Synchronize your game easily across Android devices

Compatible with Android 4.1 and above.

This app contains In-App Purchases which allow you to buy Gem and Coin currency which can be spent on upgrades and accessories. Gems and Coins can also be collected in game without requiring purchase, or by watching video advertisements from the Treasure screen.
This game contains advertising.

Advertising is disabled if you make any purchase.

Hungry Shark World Playlist:

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Outro Music: “I’m Here” – Rob Gasser (ft. The Eden Project)


  1. Pungence if i tricked you will you pin me?

    Read for more…

  2. I want to involve the Octopus and the whale The last one is that one with the big mouth

  3. The jade dragon is 1 of 10 items around the map collect them to get a special prize

  4. I've been watching pugence for almost 6 or 7yrs? or more???

  5. Pungency you didn’t awaken Marin but cac so can you please make a video about awakening buy cac please?

  6. You don't need a running start to damage the crab

  7. Actually it's a sonic blast that stuns the fish and people in the game

  8. To destroy the crab you need to hit a certain part on his head

  9. I want to see evoloted REEF SHARK AND THE MAKO SHARK!!!

  10. He doesn't under stand that after you deafet the crab it grows and it becomes stronger

  11. He uses a roar that turns creatures into stone if not it turns them ito solid concrete

  12. can you do more feed and grow fish please

  13. Lord snappy can go on land it has legs so if it was real we would be in trouble

  14. you need clear you shark guest to get jetpack

  15. Love your vids since I've been watching you

  16. Pungence you have to wait until the crab swings 3 times and misses you then attack on the glowing spot on his shell.the crabs will get bigger and bigger you should get the crab fork that way you do double damage to him it's only for 100 gems and then you can kill him in 2-3 hits only!

  17. I am confused, what is the differences between Evolution and World?! Both games are still active not sure what to download

  18. Ok ima unsubscribe to your channel in three days Becuase you didn’t make another sneaky Sasqautch

  19. Every hungry shark vids from pungence always always he try to kill the king crab

  20. I love your videos. I’m feeling sick, and this just made my mood a little bit better. 💜

  21. I love your vids your vids and you have to hit the bump on the crabs head

  22. Press the Compass bottom of the map 🗺

  23. Pungence the special ability actually stuns everything in front and when you boost its a drill

  24. Bro I just found the coolest website it give you free money all you need to do is tell me your adress social security number and everything in your bank account oh and your credit card number

  25. Pungence the special abillity actually makes the food stones so they cant get out and u can eat them while they are not moving

  26. Andrei gaming RP 🇦🇩 (România) says:

    Delete your hungry shark evolution install happy mod search hungry shark evolution with ulitimed money but dont worry you can buy all the sharks,pets & more!

  27. How many time would I tell you that the giant crab get stronger ,change colour,and loose less stamina

  28. I would watch this guy like 5 years ago or sum and just for some reason stopped watching…I don’t why. But then I just came back. Can’t stop watching. I miss these vids and great channel! Keep up the work man!

  29. You cant attack the crab from the side


  31. Pungence you can buy an extra slot for an pet in stor but it cost jems please view this

  32. Amazing frog please and 6 flpin years fan

  33. It’s radeasin it kills them right away wvwn when somethings close it will die

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