New Electro Shark Unlocked - Hungry Shark Evolution -

New Electro Shark Unlocked – Hungry Shark Evolution

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Hungry Shark Evolution New shark gameplay with Electro Shark unlocked in the game.

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  1. This shark is so awesome it cost only 25K yet it can eat the things the great white eats it also can get bigger overtime gold rushes are basically free and most of the time i get over 7.5M with him and im pretty sure he can eat a great white

  2. electric shark is my fav it's just so useful. I have the evolved hammer head which is better than the megaledon but i prefer this mini electric shark lmao

  3. To do the electric ⚡️ shock you have to boost

  4. This shark is basically free gold rush and super fun to

  5. electro shark or dark hammar shark …which should i purchase?

  6. You are noob I can reach 29,999,999
    Point 😎😎😎

  7. The best shark to use but under rated😔😔😔😔😔😔

  8. I got 30 million score with the ice thing it's very op with electric

  9. The Electro Shark costs 25,000 coins or 250 gems to unlock. This shark is awesome. It's very easy to reach max Level 10 in the game

  10. Omg this was in the first version of the game that's so crazy (airrhorn in backround)

  11. I hate that its big when max you cat put pets ether

  12. I can't use the electric shock, how do you do it?

  13. i unlock all shark. but i not unlock kraken

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