(NEW) Christmas Update (Sleigh) - Hungry Shark Evolution - hungrysharkevolution.net

(NEW) Christmas Update (Sleigh) – Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution
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(NEW) Christmas Update (Sleigh) – Hungry Shark Evolution
hungry shark evolution christmas update


  1. For those who cant find the last ornament try setting the time in your device to 11:59 pm and it will spawn shortly after

  2. I'm playing on my Amazon tv and I cant find the star for the tree and the ginger bread

  3. If you want to get the sleigh in one day watch my video and everytime you get an ornament change the date until you get the last one

  4. Hey man I will like the video but I didn't see any oderments I don't care if you have a PS4 or Xbox one you can get fortnite it is really fun you should but it on your channel

  5. Nice video but it would definitely be better if you woudl talk and tells is what was going on in the gameplay

  6. I wanted to know the locations you stupid idiot I want to know how to unlock the thing

  7. So within 25 days I just haft to collect 6 items on separate days?

  8. Donde esta el cangrejo 🦀 de hungry shark evolution

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