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in this video we will play Hungry Shark Evolution newest update! we have a new special event which is we have a new boss! Captain Hooknado the fisherman, captain hooknado and some scuba divers are hunting down the Manta Rays in the Indian ocean! Relive the magic: play snes emulator web games online anytime.
Let’s save them and beat the Captain Hooknado Boss.New Captain Hooknado Boss Gameplay! New Hungry Shark Evolution Boss Gameplay!

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Hungry Shark Evolution is an exciting aquatic adventure. Hungry Shark Evolution features a diverse range of aquatic creatures, different currencies and a wide range of treasures to be found. As you progress through the game, you will unlock new sharks, fight a boss, and encounter even more weird and wonderful creatures.

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  1. can you still play this ?or was it only for a short period of time

  2. Man if you equip alien baby then you automatically win cuz you become immune to projectiles

  3. What's with the razor noises though? Is that an item?

  4. I got everything in my first go using a lvl 2 sharkjira o_o

  5. By the way, I did this a long time ago

  6. This event is trash, i got all items in under 10 minutes with just mr snappy. Its way to easy and the fun is over realy quick. They literally give us 9 days to complete it meanwhile you can finish it in 10 minutes. Also the rewards are trash like most times.

  7. I would like new evolved sharks, the laboratory as before, missions to get special sharks if you don't have the money and an event that brings back the space portal

  8. Honestly, at this point the game feels bland like the event is good and all but like having powerful creatures that you've already obtain feels a bit boring imo. If they update to have more challenging stuff then I'll be more willing to play the game again.

  9. Just went into the game for 10 minutes and deleted

  10. Bro I can't see the event anymore, what happened?

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