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[NEW] BOX FISH COMING SOON – Hungry Shark Evolution (What’s New)

Hungry Shark Evolution
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Hungry Shark Evolution (What’s New)
GOT WONDERFUL NEW SHARK – BOX FISH Better than Big Daddy , Megalodon shark , Great White Shark , Electro Shark


  1. Should include mecha sharkjira in hungry shark evolution

  2. Shark inside:Ahhh how can i conttol this thing with me???

  3. Bruh! XD

    I believe this was going to be the pyro shark

  4. Now this box is one of the coolest Special Sharks in the game, the Pyro Shark

  5. Коробка Григорий считает себя собакой

  6. That literally my equid is the same with fgold necklace and t hawk hair

  7. mr . red leader of the crewposterarmy : pro legend says:

    A shark jira

  8. Your lucky that the box never return but everyone get one and my brother that box is rare

  9. Whats tha she not eating but cutee

  10. i got magmajira shark now im the king of shark's yaaay 😃😍☺

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