New BEHEMOTH KAIJU SHARK Unlocked!!! - Hungry Shark Evolution | HD -

New BEHEMOTH KAIJU SHARK Unlocked!!! – Hungry Shark Evolution | HD

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The New Behemoth Kaiju shark is here in Hungry Shark Evolution but is it as good as the Godzilla Shark?!?
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Hungry Shark World opens up a brand new adventure with addictive fast-pace gameplay, console quality graphics, multiple massive levels to explore and epic enemies to chomp down! Loads of sharks to control and more of our own special blend of FGOL humour than ever before, Hungry Shark World is the ground breaking new game that you will play until the end of time! Hope you brought your charger!




  2. Hey i bought that shark with like 300 diamonds and im scared if that would quit my shark i think is that for hrs

  3. Helikopterler Türkiye'ye aittir çünkü bayrağımız var

  4. 3:44 those are shark invaders. You are right that they are other people's sharks. That have come into your world strictly to kill you. If you eat them, you can get rewards. I am not as good as you and my strongest shark is only level 10 Big daddy and I'm trying to get Mr.snappy. but I have killed 160+ shark invaders.

    the shark invaders in red are the ones who are stronger than you and you wanna stay away from them. Unless your on Goldrush. Then you can kill then. But if you aren't in gold rush, stay away from red shark invaders or they will kill you. They are stronger.

  5. I'm so close to having all the sharks in the game I need one left

  6. C'mon behemoth dont skip out on leg day

  7. I have the dark hammer and he is a BEAST

  8. can anyone tell me how to switch your google play account in this game, its been automatically logging into my alt which doesnt have any progress on it

  9. I kiss the days when it was just till megalodon it was more realistic and fun and we're not invincible too nowadays they are just releasing kaijus

  10. Um why behemoth looks like that😅
    Also I want Heisei Godzilla in hungry shark 😁

  11. I think that this shark is not the best shark,, the meteor are really bad, the gold rush ability it finishes very fast just the portal is good
    I think that is best luminite,, magmagira and the kraken

  12. My best survival time is 23 min and 47 seconds

  13. And my best score is nearly at 1billion I’m still trying to get there

  14. I played the game when the Megalodon was a big tooth in a stone and you had to unlock the great white and get it to level 10 so that the stone would shatter.

  15. It be cool if hungry shark evolution made a gem shark as in jade shark or emerald shark or shamrock shark or even a "Mother of pearl !!!!" Shark

  16. This is the most score I’ve seen in this video the video game is so good on this channel

  17. I remember when megalondon was new and it was covered with stone

  18. Yo you should check out hsw since theres a new shark called Abyssal shark and it is like the apex version of the dark magic shark

  19. There is a Dragon at to get the old hungry shark evolution you have to be on Apple tv tho and install it and done

  20. I have this shark it’s a friggin beast 🙂

  21. I have all the sharks with fully upgraded powers

  22. BEAVER theres a new shark at hungry shark world its called the abbysal shark check it out RIGHT NOW.

  23. Old is gold😔💛we miss all days when our goal was to get the meg and my faverite one to get was hammerhead shark

    Now you just have a massive behemoth who can destroy everything

  24. Guys remember when it was just normal sharks in the game and not weird aah looking monsters?

  25. I just got this shark recently didn't enjoy it that much since it's too overpowered they should nerf it tbh

  26. I have this shark now !!! !!! !!! The shark is awesome it's that good it's the best thing that happened to me in the game it is a very powerful shark !!! !!!

  27. I have it hacked all unlocked 🤣🤣

  28. I miss the old days where there was a glitch to get gems and gold for free 😪

  29. These guys excudes such a positive energy that they tend to lift everyone spirits

  30. If you go high and use the power a another power will appear

  31. Beaver there is a new shark in hungry shark evolution!

  32. The titanic map is really good i got 2.4 billion with normal sharkjira in it

  33. There is a new shark in the game again and there's a new game mode for 5 days for now and it gives some stuff and I have the new shark and it's good

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