Hungry Shark World vs Hungry Shark Evolution -

Hungry Shark World vs Hungry Shark Evolution

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  1. They both are goods hungry shark world better than evolution but evo is good hungry shark world cool graphics and evo too because evo and world are the best but hungry shark world has a buzz and hungry shark world is better and evo they have megalodons and whales because they a better games

  2. But hungry shark evo is cool cool graphics cool sharks hangry shark evolution is cool

  3. Evolution 100 mb world 300 mb + world sharks%90 evolution sharks%20 grafics world grafic awesome ecolution nice =world wins

  4. Hungry shark evolution e più bello di hungry shark world.

  5. En el tiburón azul al lado esta tiburón especanto no el tiburón arena

  6. Todo mundo devia saber que hungry shark wold é melhor e sempre vai ser

  7. Both good
    Evolution = Cool shark, have Special shark, Cool music
    World = Good graphic, There's a funny sound if a human Eaten by shark, The shark Look funny,Good music

  8. All of you say hse is best becuz you dont have enough space ha

  9. After playing as the Killer Whale, Megalodon feels so slow 😂

  10. both are the best but i dont have hungry shark world but i still like it

  11. Хангри шарк эволюшин кручееее

  12. I think hungry shark evolution is better 10000/not liying

  13. Hungry shark world is the best

  14. Hungry Shark World 1000 nice
    Hungry Shark evolution 100 😕

  15. Winers : hungry shark evolution and hungry shark world !

  16. ㄷㄴㅅㄴㄷㄴㆍㄹㄷㄴ쉬ㅗ료나ㅡㅅㄴㆍ느ㅡㅜㄴㅎㄴ갇ㄴㄱㅅㅊㄷㄹㅆㄴㄸㆍㅡㅡㄸ녜ㅣㅣㅣㅣㄲ니ㅣㅣㅣㅣㅏ

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