Hungry Shark World in Real Life Part 5 -

Hungry Shark World in Real Life Part 5

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Hungry Shark World in Real Life Part 5


  1. I thing he does not learn about mammals and fishes he don't know that whale shark is fish and the picture he show in real life is a whale and whale is a mammal I thing you understand bye.

  2. did the real life sand shark die bruh animal cruelty

  3. Why killer whale in game look so strong with muscles lol

  4. nobody:

    the kid at school to think a whale shark is a hump back whale…

    m e o w

  5. The first one was a black tip but showed a white tip

  6. I am triggered about the whale shark, almost every ocean fan, etc.. knows what the whale shark looks like

  7. 6 year old me:😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😯😯😯😯😯😦😦😦😮😮

  8. ᘜ尺乇卂ㄒ ᐯ|ᗪ乇ㄖ Ҝ乇乇卩 |ㄒ ㄩ卩

  9. He messed up and put a wite tip for the black tip and skipped the wite tip

  10. Bro it,s not whale shark it,s blue whale

  11. Imagine hearing gold rush noises when you're swimmin lol

  12. They mistaken the whale shark for a whale😅

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