Hungry Shark vs BEATBOX #beatbox #tiktok -

Hungry Shark vs BEATBOX #beatbox #tiktok

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  1. daming inggit dito na nag sasabi ng fake HAHAH mga bugok!! di niyo ba alam yung beatbox?? kaya kulang kayosa katinuan e

  2. The part where shark dude lost his teeth and then he make a poping noise was cool

  3. The reason why people think it's fake is because both original sounds and beatbox play at the same time

  4. "My man just create his own villain arc"💀💀

  5. Can we just appreciate how HARD and BRILLIANT the animation goes?? The shark literally brushed OFF his theet and grew PEARLY CLEAN ONES.

  6. You are very cute in the last like a baby wow

  7. You can't do of water and please not do it's very different from water voice

  8. Real real, real real real real sound noise

  9. 형 다 거짓말이라고 하는 이유는
    너무똑같게 잘해서 그래요

  10. 형 그냥
    투니버스 나가서 만화 특수녹음 해주면 않되?

  11. People who say it is fake are goofy😂

  12. The 🦈🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷🏘️youcat

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