Hungry Shark Part 1 (The FIRST Hungry Shark Evolution / World) -

Hungry Shark Part 1 (The FIRST Hungry Shark Evolution / World)

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  1. Ive played that ever since

  2. I had this game on my iPhone 3 I need to find the phone ASAP

  3. Can you make hungry shark 3?

  4. Wanna go back to time in 2010 hungry shark?

  5. I’ve always wondered what the original hungry shark looked like

  6. Wow Chris the shark pet from hungry shark world gets his own game

  7. Who could forget that amazing opening theme?

  8. Not there on my android device and also its crappy anyways

  9. Wish they kept the original games on the store

  10. I have Hungry shark part 1
    cant download hungry shark evo and world 🙁

  11. R.I.P Original Game

    Edit: How To Get New Sharks

  12. I remember my cousin introducing me to this game,ahhh the nostalgia

  13. I got this game just I downloaded in the google Chrome My memories brings back

  14. This is basically how the shark Chris was made up

  15. How i find the Hungry shark part 1 Free! Dowload?

  16. I played this game so fun I love the chewing noise

  17. Oooh God i miss this game on ipad1 The new hungry shark is shit

  18. I remember i got all the treasures and died at a mine

  19. When we were kids who would be scared to go down in the dark

  20. I think thats hungry shark evolution cuz the sound of boost is in hungry shark evolution.

  21. I used to be scared of the submarines and the deep.

  22. HOLY this was hungry shark evo?!?!!? So old and pixelated

  23. Ah yes my childhood game 🙂
    R.i.p hungry shark original…..

  24. This game is so stupid. I rather play hungry shark evolution and world than play this piece of shit

  25. I swear I feel like I played the first one before

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