Hungry Shark Evolution | World record High Score !!! 🦈 -

Hungry Shark Evolution | World record High Score !!! 🦈

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in this video you will see the world record of Hungry shark evolution. !!!
At the end of the video I was forced to leave, because after reaching the limit score,
the score becomes negative and takes away the points.


  1. The second he went pass 2,150,000,000 he went to negative score

  2. Bello,pensa che anche io ci sono quasi ad avere questo punteggio

  3. Lolito Games, I achieved 2,070,000,000 using Moby Dick and without gems, obviously before you were immortal with the strongest shark and you could make the record you wanted just depending on patience

  4. I got the same but in 57mins or more than 1h

  5. i got to this record but why is it glitched and say that. once u get passed a certain amount of points. the score is busted. the top leaderboard is all over the place too.

  6. bro calm down just now im geting in my billions bro 😭

  7. incase anyone wonders how this happens, it's a overflow

  8. I wonder how did the top players reached to the 64-bit integer limit of points…

  9. Oh man I BROKE the old world record till I saw this video man I almost had that too

  10. I got -2.146 cause if you use Sharknarok there is a chance for you to get negative cause on how fast it kills

  11. My record is 7 billion+ point in this game

  12. oh ur pro i only get about 400milion using Sharknarok

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