Hungry Shark Evolution | World record High Score !!! 🦈 -

Hungry Shark Evolution | World record High Score !!! 🦈

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in this video you will see the world record of Hungry shark evolution. !!!
At the end of the video I was forced to leave, because after reaching the limit score,
the score becomes negative and takes away the points.


  1. Witch shark has the highest mutiplier since well i had managed ro survive 30 whit ice shark and never had a score like this

  2. complimentoni per il record ! penso che in italia nessuno sia arrivato a tale punteggio xd

  3. I tried to beat that record but I failed I reached 1 billion score tho

  4. When i got past 2 billion, I reached the negatives as well, and I managed to continue until i got -146 million, so basically like 4 billion points or more

  5. took me 24 minutes to hit the mark and go into the negatives

  6. With the red Godzilla I beat 2 billion with 48 million, that's my highest record

  7. I'm trying to beat the world record using behemoth

  8. I beat world record for fastest time to get 1 billion points, video on my channel (no hacks used)

  9. I thought I was the only one who was put in the negatives once I reached 2 billion 😢

  10. The game thinks your just too good so it puts you on the overwhelming negeitive list lol

  11. I legit got this far and my game bugged and every point I earned out me negative

  12. ลิลลดา หอเกรียงไกร says:

    It only took me 17 minutes to earn 2.1 billion. 🙏🏻

  13. I survived 1 hour and 3 minutes with behemoth, got world best at the challenge

  14. I got the same score in 7minutes check my video

  15. I have a better record than you, unfortunately the game crashed, but the record i have saved is 2146.915.656When you reach aprox 2.4 billions, the points count reverts back to 0 and you start all over again, i reached 70 million aprox when that happened until the game crashed😢.

  16. The second he went pass 2,150,000,000 he went to negative score

  17. Bello,pensa che anche io ci sono quasi ad avere questo punteggio

  18. Lolito Games, I achieved 2,070,000,000 using Moby Dick and without gems, obviously before you were immortal with the strongest shark and you could make the record you wanted just depending on patience

  19. I got the same but in 57mins or more than 1h

  20. i got to this record but why is it glitched and say that. once u get passed a certain amount of points. the score is busted. the top leaderboard is all over the place too.

  21. bro calm down just now im geting in my billions bro 😭

  22. incase anyone wonders how this happens, it's a overflow

  23. I wonder how did the top players reached to the 64-bit integer limit of points…

  24. Oh man I BROKE the old world record till I saw this video man I almost had that too

  25. I got -2.146 cause if you use Sharknarok there is a chance for you to get negative cause on how fast it kills

  26. My record is 7 billion+ point in this game

  27. oh ur pro i only get about 400milion using Sharknarok

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