Hungry Shark Evolution - Vortex -

Hungry Shark Evolution – Vortex

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  1. just downloaded this game again, childhood memory 🤭

  2. Is it that u buy it only 1 time and u use it always or only in 1 game ?

  3. I missed when your videos had commentary in them

  4. it is automatically turn on when all of the lights on?

  5. Dunkleosteus level 10 is very very big !!

  6. is it worth it and if you're a Megladon can you eat bigger sharks like the big daddy mr snappy and alan the destroyer?

  7. dunkelostius or vortex? please help me. (did I spell dunkelostius right?)

  8. What's that tongue like thing coming outta big daddy's mouth?

  9. The characters for Big Daddy's mission appear too long, to complete the mission when his hunger comes too fast, when the ocean is not getting enough food.

  10. The shark vortex is stupid I hate it so much it was a waste of 120,000 coins, I hate how it's not on the entire time it is stupid

  11. Not very informative, plus, I can’t figure out why on earth he wouldn’t go into the water- he stayed at or even on the surface the entire time even when there was no prey there whatsoever, even during the gold rushes might I add, when there was tons of prey right there in the water! Weird.🤔

  12. Thank you, that's pretty cool actually

  13. Wow shark votrex is vary helpful if your low out of health 😲 but at the same time is vary expansive 😓 but im still gonna buy it 🙂 thanks for the video 👍👌

  14. How to do the wind tornado thing I know tap boost but how don't give me mixed questions

  15. I bought this I did not know how to use it since I watch this video and thank you I use it for my kraken

  16. Oigan chicos para que sirve el vortice

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