Hungry Shark Evolution - Unlock & Max ALL 15 Sharks!!! -

Hungry Shark Evolution – Unlock & Max ALL 15 Sharks!!!

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  1. I miss old hungry shark man that game changed so much I remeber when the lava shark was still in a crate to

  2. I remember when most of these shark had a fossils

  3. OMG, EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– i got resources from 💜 AWRY.BAR/EMQEYQ 💜



  5. The fossils were the best, who else misses the fossils, the missions shells and the old menu?

  6. This channel is ripping of a much popular channel called bagoyee

  7. This video was taken on Hungry Shark Island in 1981.

  8. This menu is nome more exist, i miss the menu:(

  9. The fossils should be the way the game is

  10. Add the music when you buy a shark
    Also i feel bad for updating this

  11. I wish fossils come back once i reinstalled it they were gone

  12. I can upload this version with google

  13. How do I get this version now pls help

  14. Mako shark and hammer removed from the game?

  15. What is that version i want to download it

  16. I have old version in which Alan is strongest even older than this YouTube channel

  17. i remember being a kid and seeing the Meg fossil, i never realized it was a fossil and aleays wondered what was the shark behind that "wall".
    I theorized it was a reward or something for getting too far. Imagine my hype when i finally got the gw, after all these days of grinding i was already gonna solve the mystery and then, FUCK i got jumpscared so bad! I literally couldn't believe it. Everytime i played i saw a strange great white shark with a "black" skin that seemed to be so strong. It killed me a lot of times, and i just wanted the great white shark to finally get my revenge. Imagine how disappointed i felt when i approached it in the portal zone (at that time there was no portal) and it just insta-killed me. When i saw the Meg getting out of the fossil, i asked my dad what was that giant shark and he told me about this extint gigantic shark… 2013 was such a beautiful year, i wish i could be 6 yrs old again.

  18. I need old gui its so good and its happy for me i play this game every day

  19. I really miss the old unlock theme when you unlock a shark or any creatures with gems

  20. This brings back great memories of my childhood

  21. The old version always be the best hungry shark evolution compare to the new one
    Now the game looks boring as fuck
    -No fossils
    -Random ass sharks
    -The old bg of special shark removed
    -space map is also removed
    -the game became more easier than the old one

  22. Superb.. What a nice about shark game.. Wish to play..

  23. bro the moby dick one was the scariest one i remember

  24. I remember calling the fossils
    Big mystery rock thing
    And the megalodon
    Evil great white shark
    And the dunkleosteus
    Moby Dick
    White sperm whale

  25. When you enter a game, it’s the same. When was the last update when you start the game?

  26. Yo I remember seeing the fossil for moby, I was so confused I didn’t know it was a whale. 😭

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