Hungry Shark Evolution - Space Sharks -

Hungry Shark Evolution – Space Sharks

Ubisoft Future Games Of London
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– Alan, Destroyer of Worlds has crash landed as the 8th core shark!
– Based on fan favourite, the deep-sea Frill Shark, Alan is the biggest and fastest yet!
– Comes with its own Baby Shark and set of missions to master!


– Slingshot into Space and explore a whole new planet
– Lots of new enemies including star ships, space mines and alien cities to tear down!


– The Cloaking Device accessory makes you invisible for the ultimate sneak attack!
– New live events! Tune in for our regular events to get your hands on limited time prizes!


– Christmas Land is back with lots of presents to chomp!
– Return of the Santa Baby and the Santa Hat!


  1. Please make a video a trailer video of Moby Dick
    Make a one of a Leo in Mr. snapped

  2. Man… I really miss when the space portal was there… I just miss the old hungry shark evo


  4. Anti Rex 3000 The Legendary Dinosaur Shark YT says:

    I Gotten Alan Back In Jan 14 2021
    But Now I Miss Space Map

  5. Alan is dead he is in the artic ocean hungry skark world frozen

  6. Hungry shark it been 2021 now and there's a evolution but these no new In the map but the shark is new but why is that fake?

  7. Should include mecha sharkjira in hungry shark evolution

  8. This was one of the best events or updates where you can go to space and then has inf time I think and it was more dangerous sadly its now just hawaii

  9. Who finds a easter egg in hungry Shark world in ice map alan is dead….. Who found it pls like R.I.P

  10. Sifree walk with it if it's Riley for a while number of rotating on WeChat sorry auto be there for four work

  11. Bring back this world and artic world pls I want to be sharkjira and step on the big buildings

  12. I am from da future and you have LOADS more sharks like Whale shark, Dinoshark thing, LOCHNESS MONSTER, Godzilla shark WHOA, Abyssthingyshark, and last but not THE…….KRAKEN IS RELEASED

  13. Well this song together with the space creates nostalgia and depression!:(

  14. The game version of Hungry Shark 2015 is my favorite version

  15. Por que vocês removeram o mapa do espaço e a skin do megalodon do filme mega Tubarão? Eram incríveis

  16. Ooooooh that is the alien shark was frozen in antarctica

  17. Please someone answer can shark swim in a space in game?

  18. So Alan is actually a space shark or alien shark

  19. Bro Alan isn't a alien shark he's a frilled shark

  20. The space dimension got removed from now 2021

  21. I remember the old days where there was actually a space portal and not this summer portal please bring it back

  22. The first time when i play hungry , a lot of time, a lot of sharks, a lot of money, and the neccesary money for the alien shark

    And the game crashed forever, thanks ubisoft

  23. This is was the last shark I played before my old phone broke.

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