Hungry Shark Evolution - Shark Week 2021 Live Event - Spoiler For Treasure Map Hunt #1 To #4 -

Hungry Shark Evolution – Shark Week 2021 Live Event – Spoiler For Treasure Map Hunt #1 To #4

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  1. Question: When you collect the hat (aka collect 4 treasure maps) do you need to wait 12 hours (at the time of me writing this comment) for the other 4 maps to spawn so you can get the spike armour (aka the next tier of the rewards)?

  2. Please don't stop making videos like this. You were the only video that I found helpful.

  3. Can you answer me please,i have got 4 maps,can i get more or i need to wait?Cus i have "More avalibe in" and number

  4. For some reason my 4 treasures were in totally different places to where you found them.
    I found 1 by the horseshoe. 1 by the tower of Pisa. 1 above the Hawaii portal. 1 inside the long tunnel with a current.

  5. Thanks for the video! However i just couldn't get map #4 no matter using Sharkjira or Alan. The treasure hunt menu says that there are 4 hours more until next unlock (which is the next day for my time zone).

    After some trial and error, actual i was missing piece 3 under the treasure.

    I've gotten both #1 and #4 when surfing around before starting the mall hunt

    Hope they make the pieces visible.

  6. The 4th map piece appeared under skull island for me

  7. can u makw a mark on the map on where all of em are

  8. Hello ladies and gentlemen, as promised the video spoiler for #5-8 treasure maps hunt are now available. Hope you enjoy, and most importantly stay safe during the pandemic 🙂

  9. Day 2 is getting harder. At least i was able to get 2 pieces while swimming around casually. For day 2 I've gone to the normal hotspots but couldn't locate any yet

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