Hungry Shark Evolution - Shark Week 2017 -

Hungry Shark Evolution – Shark Week 2017

Ubisoft Future Games Of London
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Volcanic MINI-LEVEL: explore a tropical paradise!
Seal Mum BOSS: Momma Seal out for revenge!
SHARK WORSHIPPING TRIBE: become their shark god!
Tasty New PREY: surfers, Mahi-Mahi and hula dancers!
Special Shark Week Live Events & Rewards!


  1. Is there a way to kill the big seal that looks like a mama seal

  2. Ya hay guardado en la nube como en Hungry Shark World

  3. せみたはるはみてたゆてみはたたてゆはまつまるはた

  4. This is not hungry shark world this is hungry shark evolution

  5. Amzing man i love hungry shark

  6. This is my favorite game to play on mobile


  8. hungry shark world is great but hungry shark evo sucks

  9. Bruh u posted that on my birthday OMGGGGG

  10. Man i missed the mama seal in the game

  11. Ñam ñam ñam! Soy un tiburon! Like si llegaste a desbloquear el gran tiburon blanco!

  12. しらたまぼーにんげんのゲームꐕ says:


  13. Dang this have shark week!? i thought hungry shark world have shark week only ;-;

  14. If only hungry shark games were online multiplayer 🙁

  15. I hate this update it ruined the game i miss the space dimension

  16. I hate this update they removed the spase map

  17. I started this game a couple months ago and I already have abysshark because I got a gift card and I had 88 gems and I got the $5 option and I had abysshark

  18. It's been 3 years but W E N E E D T H E S E A L B A C K

  19. 4 years ago i hate the seal cuz i cant even eat it as a megalodon

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