Hungry Shark Evolution | Save the mangroves! -

Hungry Shark Evolution | Save the mangroves!

Hungry Shark
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The mangroves are in danger! We must save them!

Destroy the human activity damaging them and plant seeds to grow new trees in the new Green Game Jam event!

Download the update now!

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  1. ah i love this game its one of my fav mobile games the other one is the hungry shark world

  2. I actually got a opinion and think its cool add a game mode that is actually evolution and u start of as a baby of the shark ur using and when u eat it its gonna evolve into difrent ages

  3. Mr Ubisoft I purchased 3300 two times and I did not close the app for an entire night but when I wake up today I see that I did not get it I am reporting if you don not send in two days

  4. Dear fgol we waiting for new hungry shark evo shark i think behemot not strong as much

  5. I have a shark idea "Weedy shark" its the same level as megalodon but weaker it can do everything like the megalodon but cannot eat sharks that are higher in level so yeah if you want to add this you can and you can aslo add something its colour is all types of green

  6. Make it so special shark can equip things because I always die 🥺😢😭

  7. Where is the mangvore event? I can't seem to find it.

  8. Please add new special shark in hungry shark evolution

  9. Add a new portal it’s been long ever since one came out

  10. ugh the humans contaminating again I will eat them all, but first to reinstall the game😅

  11. Halloween shark world please nagwakas new shark

  12. Can you add more free items to hungry shark world bc most of us don’t have money

  13. Здравствуйте Уважаемые разработчики! Ваша игра замечательная! Hi is Russia 🇷🇺

  14. Please oh please add a new map to hungry shark world. Oh please oh please.

  15. I’m so upset because my mum nearly spent 100$ on this game and now it’s impossible to download

  16. I have story for everyone about armored shark
    Story: dark magic shark found big momma in rampage vision then weak shark found golden armors in the crystals no one don't know who throw them and sharks found the portal then in this portal was abyssal shark it was armored dark magic shark he was too stronger and armored the end.

  17. Can you bring back sharkjira pls i miss him so much pls hungry shark

  18. I wasted 100 gems. On the crab and it’s not even strong at all I only got 1 hits on the giant black crab

  19. Handsome short Discord King Lord Manlet Loser👑 says:

    That's cool, can you just bring Grabatron back

  20. En hungry shark world va apareservun nuevo tiburon y es el tibrujon atomico

  21. I love its game animation have turkey you are best game

  22. This game looks update in 2022 if is plant is the sea

  23. Tbh this is the only update I've only finised

  24. Will there be like a mega evolution ? (I have 2 predictions, saber tooth shark and Super Sharkjira which is basically a more stronger form of Godzilla)

  25. should have done this for world instead of evolution

  26. When i eat the scuba divers i feel guilty and cry. Have to stop playing for a while.

  27. Does anybody want to add my discord to be my friend? I’m free whenever I get home from school. I would love to add you back and be your friend! 😊❤

  28. Happy birthday hungry shark 10 year 🥳🥳🥳

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