Hungry Shark Evolution - Reef/Mako/Hammerhead/Tiger/GreatWhite And Megalodon Shell Locations -

Hungry Shark Evolution – Reef/Mako/Hammerhead/Tiger/GreatWhite And Megalodon Shell Locations

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  1. Wads the last shell boat breaker for megalopolis?

  2. I just got like wombo combo'd I got stung by multiple jelly fishes as a tiger shark then all of a sudden a megalodon comes out of nowhere almost kills me and then 2 subs come and I survived

  3. I can't find the last shell for the great white shark :/

  4. I can't get 5-7 for the great white shark

  5. thx for these spots now i can get the jetpack :DDDD

  6. Cheers thanks for the help and i think we smashed that like buttom

  7. I only watched this to get all the missions for the jetpack, AT LEAST I DID IT MORE LEGIT THAN EVERYONE ELSE!!!!!!

  8. YOU ARE THE-BEST THANK YOU SO MUCH <3 LIKE+SUB FROM ME(if you can to make for big dadly,mr snappy and alan,destroyer of worlds this could be good) YOU ARE THE-BEST HELPER

  9. thanks man ohh and please do the other sharks too

  10. What do the numbers like 1-2 mean? i've been racking my brain trying to figure it out

  11. I can't find kempy in his lair for kempy kill and I went there two games in a row and he was still not there 🙁

  12. علاوي الفاقدي ابو حسين says:

    guys i cant find angler attack shell who can help me


  14. Thx You Helped Me Get The JetPack Also Do One For Big Daddy Mr Snappy Allan The Destroyer And Moby Dick

  15. leave a like if your using this to get the jetpack

  16. Omg I'm stuck on finding sub zero shell for the great white

  17. I am watching this because I need to do missions

  18. You just saved me loads of gems and effort.Thanks! 😀

  19. 15000 views? Well done read all the comments

  20. Thank You So Much i wanted Tiger Shark shells and you helped me Buddy! Liked your video!

  21. What do the T's stand for

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