Hungry shark evolution, playing as Aaron (evolved Alan) -

Hungry shark evolution, playing as Aaron (evolved Alan)

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  1. I evolved 3 shark's tiger shark alien shark and ABYSshark.

  2. No clickbait, shows the cool shark Alan when I can't, you just got yourself a deal🤝(new sub)I wish I could get the evolved version of this one, not filling it, also because I don't have the abyss shark, another reason and go for that one. Other than that, Les goooo

  3. My brother name is Alan and my second name is aaron

  4. Here it is my most requested video so far,
    Any suggestions for next video?

  5. As always,magma sharkjira and luminite on top getting a bunch of points the first minutes xd

  6. It's a great shark but it could've had an ability to split it's spikes but poison is alright I geuss

  7. So I got the update and I evolved the tiger shark but I still didn’t evolve Alan because I didn’t have enough gems. And now today I went on hungry sharks to find out that the Alan evolution is no longer there and that the version changed form 8.6.0 to 8.6.2 pls explain what in the actual fuck just happened

  8. In hungry shark evolution have magma jira, shark jira and luminate in hungry shark world have shin shark jira and mecha shark jira

  9. poisonous cloud and poison breath, hey thats pretty good

  10. Name of the technique evolution technique of Aaron : Toxic Blast , In gold rush : Toxic Breath,. Good video👍

  11. Why is it not out yet its 3 days since it released but not yet out for others and me😢

  12. Joke:
    Why does Aaron have abilities and Alan dont cuz Aaron never brushed his teeth!!

  13. Aaron the destroyer? More like Aaron the burper smh

  14. So does this mean with it's new evolved form and ability this guy can withstand the toxic barrels or not? Like sharkjira and luminite, they're already 2 sharks that are immune to them


  16. hungry shark evo is really an awkward game rn idk when I'm playing it I feel the game is really awkward and stupid and I don't the last shark, MagmaJira like wtf?!??

  17. Any idea when we expect to get a next update for hungry shark evolution?

  18. Bruh this move 😂 dude you are awesome bc you show this new cool lick sharks

  19. I just it wasnt so bulky and quirky it's still amazing nonetheless I cant wait to use him

  20. The editing is so good as well, its the good type of funni edit

  21. Wow instead of buying a laser you would waste a barrel of diamonds

  22. will this poison ability kill bigger sharks like sharkjira, abysshark, kraken and luminite or will it not have any effect?

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