Hungry Shark Evolution - Original Google Play Trailer -

Hungry Shark Evolution – Original Google Play Trailer

Hungry Shark
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Chomp your way in an ocean of fun and adventures with the latest Hungry Shark game from Future Games of London!


  1. 2013 Голодные акулы
    2021 голодные морские монстры

  2. Wow this one so old it’s different than the other it was just reef shark and mako shark and hammerhead and tiger shark and great white it was just them

  3. Damn the memories when I used to be grinding for the great white shark it wasnt even so hard now that i think about it why did i take so long to get it. Well also back then there was no google play sign in so i'd loose my progress every time I got or broke a device.

  4. Remembering when megalodon was a Stone and was the hardest to obtain, and beating the crab is impossible

  5. I remember when I was little I played when Megalodon was the strongest, now I play world and top childhood game.

  6. Ma,am I remember playing the old version…

  7. É tanta nostalgia q escorreu até uma lágrima aqui.

  8. Alot of memories have "sunken" down here.

  9. I literally have the first ever version of this game in my old mobile but u can still get the old versions

  10. Y aquí comienza la mayor aventura de tiburones de la historia!

  11. Hungry Shark Evolution playing hours

    Daily – 5:30 AM-12MN

  12. vine boom i played this game when it looked like this

  13. Why did y’all redo it the wood and stuff was memories.😢

  14. This game is still great but i think the reason why people might prefer the older versions of the game is because of how simple it was, Nothing else then your shark and the customization and the map you explore. I mean i miss it but the newer versions of the game should still be recognized for what they are.

  15. I want the old screen of the game and the stones and more….
    Why fgol whyy u deleted the best items and the …….
    I play this game on 2015 and its soooo cool but now its cool but not like the old the gold

  16. Yo tengo a Shark narok y fin finn y finny y behemoth

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