Hungry Shark Evolution - New Space Portal Map -

Hungry Shark Evolution – New Space Portal Map

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  1. LoL I have alan and his baby and I dont saw any portal.Only North Pole portal.How did you unlock the space portal?

  2. I think the weird alien fish are stegosaurus's with fins

  3. everything else is working I've unlocked like every thing possible !! but I cant get the portal :'( I use a s6 edge

  4. I cant seem to get the portal even though I have the latest version :/

  5. крутой портал!Спасибо ,что показал!

  6. I Got Big Daddy and can't get there and the Update why😖

  7. waste of gems. for those that don't know you need to have a tiger shark to unlock the portal, and it's next to the sunken satellite. I've gone in there and farmed the space tuna with my tiger shark not once encountering an enemy Alan I have no idea how you found 3!

  8. I found the portal as a tiger shark😀😀😢😇

  9. i have a s4 mini do u think it supports the space portal?I have tried with the tiger shark and it just isn't there

  10. Ok let me explain. I am not talking about the new map you are just playing now. I'm talking about the secret map right down the shell mission button thing on your screen. I don't have it. The circle thing and it written on it : Map. I don't have the tool. I need it. Please someone tell me how do we get it and if you have a channel I will subscribe. Please guys I need the tool so I can look for shells, enterences, etc. Do we need a different shark so it can apear on the screen? (NOT THE PORTAL MAP!) (IM TALKING ABOUT THE MAP TOOL THING RIGHT DOWN THE SHELL BUTTON!)

  11. i need some of ur money, maybe 1.5 million
    and all ur gems

  12. I can't get to the thing I went to the area but I didn't find it.


  14. I think we need astronout baby to go to the portal because i watched so many videos and all gadgets shown in video i jave equipped except the astronout baby so buy it i am collecting gems

  15. I have tiger shark but i still dont have the portal, can someone tell me how to get it?

  16. If u dont have space portal make sure ur ios is up to date as well as game.

  17. Also special sharks r a total waste of money, saved up 180,000 coins 4 the lava shark, total garbage, doesnt fly it falls with style which totally blows. And they start at level 1 and dont save, and u cant use any upgrades or babies with em. Save ur coins special sharks suck.

  18. hey i do have the alan the destroyer of world i dint see it.thers none my friend has the portal

  19. wtf how to get thia portal! i had this portal on tiger shark in tablet in telephone i dont have this on great white!

  20. can I borrow u account for a day I wanna test the sharks out I suck 🙁

  21. i have a tiger shark but i dont have the portal

  22. +Bagoyee i have all sharks and i found nothing on the crushed ship
    please help me

  23. The sad thing about this is they remove it 🙁

  24. Question: why can't I play this special map I don't own Alan so I think it might be an Alan only map

  25. someone help me. do anyone know how to get in that teleporter?

  26. and l even reached THE MEGOLODAN!! But I didn't get in the portal.

  27. It is now a reef portal. They changed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I remember this dimension while using tiger shark 3 yrs ago

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