Hungry Shark Evolution - New Shark - Electro Baby -

Hungry Shark Evolution – New Shark – Electro Baby

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  1. I will ban everybody not you Im not gonna ban you

  2. Stil lost. Honestly really sad I didn't get him.

  3. Are you kidding? You are 3500/6000 place. That is 5.5% meaning 6%! I got to 3967/6000 place and got the 10% prize for 24 minutes of dedicated grinding and 6,000+ objects eaten! FGOL needs to do this event again because of how unfair it was. Or at least fix the event leaderboards every time they release an event

  4. me too!!! I was at the top 6% with more than 8,000 things eaten and still got the shark!!!

  5. I still have 300 mins till it ends but the electro baby challenge is gone😧

  6. I was in the top 6% too and I still got him.

  7. Don't have to get the electro baby in the event, you can just earn 90,000 gold and buy it

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