Hungry Shark Evolution - New Shark - Assassin Baby -

Hungry Shark Evolution – New Shark – Assassin Baby

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  1. How do sperm whales breathe in the ocean that deep? Because the sperm whale is a mammal not a fish.

  2. Almost hit 3mill coins and 3,000 gems!!

  3. when they gonna add thresher shark?????????????????????? that baby thresher shark

  4. The Assassin Shark looks cool but it's pretty much useless. Not worth 900 gems, hella no! It mostly just swims around trying to look busy. Even the Gingerbread Baby kills more fish and it helps you grow. The Electro Baby seems to be the most effective overall. But I've noticed if you equip too many babies, they just get confused. The Santa Bazooka Sleigh slows you down but helps a lot too. Right now, I'm growing the Mosasaurus with these aforementioned add-ons plus the Alien Baby. So far, so good. The Snappy Jr. would really help but I'm hoarding my gems and doing it the hard way.

  5. Ur weak I won the assassin shark in a competition with other global players >:)

  6. I use cheat in this game and hungry shark world too I got all shark and item

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