Hungry Shark Evolution - New Shark - Alien Baby -

Hungry Shark Evolution – New Shark – Alien Baby

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  1. I was surprised I managed to get this thing because I started eating spaceships only yesterday! And the grinding was WORTH IT! Now I can actually survive Mars instead of dying constantly to those pesky overpowered lasers and not care too much about submarines or planes. Congratulations for getting the shark yourself by the way!

  2. I also got 200 gems with alien baby i spent my gems on the skateboard

  3. i was in the top 1% and i used the gems for the cloacking device

  4. How would you know i did so shut up noob you just jealous

  5. Oh never mind i forgot i went on top 2% but i still got 200 gems and alien baby and also shut up winy baby

  6. I don't remember what place I got in but did get the top 1% prize for eating about 1,300

  7. How do you get the alien baby in hungry shark

  8. I have it, I used it on my Alan DOW. Along with my baby Alan DOW. I'm so happieh

  9. 2% is useful against anything so annoying the mothership

  10. My game doesn't have the portal so I didn't even have a chance to get the baby.

  11. I finished in the top 1 and got the alian baby and 200 gemsalian baby is soooooooo useful I was so happy when I say I was top 1

  12. who else got in top one but the event wasent over and your heart was pounding mine was but luckly I got alian baby and 200 gems

  13. The lava baby protects from bombs and missiles only

  14. hey how can I know, when the newest event will happen?

  15. It is same power which this power already have lava baby shark

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