Hungry Shark Evolution KRAKEN Max level 10 & Max Upgrades -

Hungry Shark Evolution KRAKEN Max level 10 & Max Upgrades

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The Kraken Octopus at Max level 10 and Max Upgrades in Hungry Shark Evolution game and join Multiplayer mode (New update 2020) to find other players’ sharks in the game.

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  1. I have the Kraken and its broken. Thing is too damn op😂😂 it can kill literally every animal in this game even the ones stronger than it

  2. Im just wondering about do kraken have mouth

  3. The kraken is one of my favourite 'shark' in the game it could beat shark that stronger than him

  4. I think the kraken could evolve into cthulhu🐙🦈🐋

  5. Me Thinking This Is The Kraken Showcase:The Video And The Kraken Spinning Everywhere Like An Uncontrolled Helicopter And Destroying Boats:

  6. Dude this thing is literally invincible!!!!!😳😳😳🤩🤩🤩

  7. It has been YEARS since I last played hungry shark evolution and I feel old because when I last played hse sharkjira or the other sharks did mot exist

  8. I wish there was a sandbox mode for hungry shark evolution

  9. Я так же хотел но я его куплю за 125 кристалов

  10. You're kraken just 1 shot my sharkjira
    I was not expecting it i though i can kill you but ._.

  11. My Favorite is the Kraken, Robo Shark, and Chamelon shark

  12. Dude spawned in and already beat my record

  13. And so fast get Gold Rush!

  14. So fast u killing players 😐

  15. This game is cool Better then Hungry Shark World

  16. BattleOstrich85 Super Mario Game Master says:

    Nvm I Have Kraken

  17. Kraken suck because he loses health sooooo wuick

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