Hungry Shark Evolution how to get Big Daddy -

Hungry Shark Evolution how to get Big Daddy

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Video guide – how to get Big Daddy in hungry shark evolution.


  1. you have the suckiest intro ever and you a million subs

  2. Duh that's the way your supuse to do it

  3. well it was 250k now its 150k since they created other new sharks

  4. i already have megalodon lv 10 and 80 000 gold and santa shark make the cheats

  5. omg that actually might work and it did!!!!! YAY

  6. ugh the prices escalate way too quickly on this game…

  7. plz I need big daddy and little daddy I'm on megalodon

  8. This is my sisters account but anyways do you need 250k to unlock the stone or unlock the megaladon then unlock the stone?

  9. Opiest It took me one day to get the Megalodon, I had 2,000 and didn't stop until I had 50,000..and I already have 17,000coins right now I'm sooooo happy (I got the Megalodon yesterday by the way)

  10. Just give me ur divice and il get u it in 24 mins exact I timed myself….. I know I'm addicted to this game.

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  12. wow the big daddy is the most stronger than megalodon but mr. snappy the mossourus is the most biggets ever shark in he wolrd

  13. this video sucks you are not helping and the big dady costs 150k not 250 ur stupid.

  14. This release is so old.If you want a real cheat for this game simply search " antezguides " in google.

  15. Why Megalodon Only 50k.And Big Daddy is too much Gold To Purchase him

  16. No offence or being mean but this video is outdated big daddy now costs 150k just to let you know

  17. I searched up how to level up fast but no videos…

  18. Come on, this video is filled with bullshits.If you want a genuinely legit cheat just search " rivaloguides " on google.

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  22. Oh thx but big daddy is cost 150000 money for me!

  23. Took me a couple of weeks to get the megalodon (I stopped playing for a week), should have big daddy in no time

  24. I agree with anonymous because I just got megalodon and it was 50k and when he said 250k I was like no way.. I can’t reach that because to be honest I’m not the best player. All I got worried when he said 250k and when anonymous said liar it’s 150k I was relieved!

  25. It cost 150k yoy sucks vidio i got lio the …. idk

  26. what don not waste on 250k coins on big daddy you can buy pyro shark beacuse pyro shark can kill daddy or sharkeleon and natasha the narwhle

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