Hungry Shark Evolution - Great White Shark (Gameplay) -

Hungry Shark Evolution – Great White Shark (Gameplay)

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  1. I just unlocked great white only have 15k gold to go

  2. The great white shark costs 35.000 coins 🙂

  3. i just go a tiger shark 2 days ago it's level 1 🙁

  4.  i got crazy because went i use big daddy i eat 2 megalodon and big daddy

  5. i just got my Great White Shark with 35,000 gold coins and i have 100 Gems i found it all in the game soon i will get my Megalodon

  6. Where can I find more gems? i mean is there some place in the game where you are able to find more then one gem. Some tips guys ? Thank you.

  7. How to make a video from hungry shark evolution

  8. 1.Badest Player
    2. How i get Megalodon, must i pay something?

  9. My high score is 2000000 with tiger shark and no gems!

  10. This is a hack because you were stung by a jellyfish though gw eats jellyfish

  11. im with great white im trying to get megalodon

  12. kardeşim türksün bari türk vidiosu çek

  13. This guys a Noob using gems WHEN HE DOESNT HAVE TO!!!

  14. Noooooooob i kill with mako shark and i no have hack

  15. The great white shark has a tattoo with a heart and it says hum above it

  16. For all people saying "he cant even eat blue jelly?". Back in 2013 GW's cant eat blue jelly

  17. do the dinosoars:
    big daddy

  18. My personal highscore is 1.3 million with the tiger shark 😀 comment yours?

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