Hungry Shark Evolution - Gold Rush -

Hungry Shark Evolution – Gold Rush

Lan Yi Wang
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Hungry Shark Evolution by Future Games of London


  1. Imagine swimming and you hear this in the distance

  2. How the heck? Me playing with electrical shark having gold rush each 3 seconds and when I play with Sharknarok rush goes usual when I get score 10 times faster?!

  3. After years of playing I have finally listened to the full version. I feel… Complete.

  4. anyone ever go too deep and fine a bunch of huge sharks as great white or tiger shark and then this starts playing
    you feel invincible
    because you goddamn are

  5. So many memories from hearing this ❤

  6. The only thing that can beat the Gold Rush theme…

    …is the Ghoul Rush theme

  7. Ya cumplí 10 años jugando este juego ❤❤

  8. Jugaba desde que salió por primera ves el Leviatán por aya en el 2013 ya 10 años 😢😢

  9. They supposedly said that this was last thing that they’ve heard before the Oceangate submarine cut contact 😢😔

  10. Que nostalgia, eu lembro que eu sempre jogava isso antes de ir para a escola

  11. Los del submarino viendo como los pezes se vuelven de oro con esta música:

  12. I actually do manage to extend gold rush as Tiger Shark so long this music loop more than twice, it is because I keep stumbled into enemy Megalodon and Dunkleosteus (that is not Big Daddy obviously)

  13. 🐉Палеозойская рептилиоморфа🐉 says:

    Конкистадор, когда нашел Эльдорадо:

  14. If you ever heard the full song,you are a pure MANIAC

  15. It absolutely sounds like some 80's silent comedy show

  16. Bueno yo recarge un frenesí de 16 segundos.

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