Hungry Shark evolution. Godzilla ( Kaiju Shark ) -

Hungry Shark evolution. Godzilla ( Kaiju Shark )

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Hi guy and time it’s going to be a other episode of hungry Shark evolution today we are going to testing Godzilla ( Kaiju Shark )

Sharkjira-chan will spread terror above the surface! stomps mercilessly on its victims and shoots em with its atomic breath!

So guys i can’t wait for the movie comes But I’m waiting for 6 days to see it.

But i know that every one for the last movie came. Every one they are yelling screaming Wesoll and Clapping their heads

That they got some huge reaction on Godzilla vs Kong movie from the time of the COVID pandemic our something like that

i think all so for Godzilla king of the monsters In 05/31/19 . i don’t know if they did the same thing as the last movie juste come out in 03/31/21

But in Godzilla king of the monsters. Their a little bit of reaction for some reason

So guys what did you think about Godzilla is it nice oh he looks so cool as i fote 

Hi purple white and hi-light-blue

i really don’t know if he going to to have a other skin just like the movie come out so yeah

But it’s just is Shark wowing’s his eyes and his mouth as well

So yeah i take a looks for the skin on the equipment i thery my best to find the skin just like the movie soon

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Will see on the next video

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