Hungry Shark Evolution | Find Other Players' Sharks | Release Trailer -

Hungry Shark Evolution | Find Other Players’ Sharks | Release Trailer

Ubisoft Future Games Of London
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Mysterious mind control forces have invaded the oceans of Hungry Shark Evolution and taken over other players’ sharks!

A new challenge arises… Will you be prepared?

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  1. I kept getting killed by a sharkjira player right after spawning.

  2. I hope it gets balanced out and sorts weaker players with normal sharks away from players the have Gojira

  3. Pls add a multiplayer mode in hungry shark world 🥺

  4. The scariest one is sharkjira in the mirror

  5. i think its bot who control player shark bcs they need more than 1 bite to kill us but we can kill them with 1 bite another reason why its a bot, i have been meet my clone and kill him

  6. The game is wonderful, but my account is weak, and I cannot use it or bribe with a game because my financial condition is weak. Can you give me a code to get the bug of the new shark. Please, if you accept, talk to me on Instagram

  7. Por creador de tiburón juegos de tiburón vas a quedar un día poner multijugador porque en el otro juego también 22 juego de tiburón que tiene hasta gira y el otro que tiene a la gira por favor sí porque aún no parece que quiere ni uno verdad no pones Pues de que quieran piensan que tengo mucha jugador pero no tenía que

  8. in a simpler term "multiplayer"


  9. I wish it was real players because it’s just other players sharks cause you me able to pause the game when one is right next to you please make that a feature

  10. LOL this are bots my WiFi is offend they're there

  11. Me:
    Waiting for this stuff to come to Hungry Shark World

  12. The mako shark achieved ultra instinct.

  13. If i hwve sharkjira it would be cool

  14. Yes you CAN use Gold Rush To kill larger-then-You Shark invaders

  15. He use mako because mako shark is fast

  16. Well i just uhhh using a megalodon to kill a kraken player

  17. There should really be a multiplayer mode on this game

  18. Oh! That could’ve been a suggestion I made

  19. 这个游戏是顶级✌️

  20. Thank u I can now play with my friend's

  21. I can't download 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  22. 0:04 when the kid in class reminded the teacher about homework
    us: (the 4 other sharks)

  23. Did we need shark invader mal to get multiplayer like that? Cuz i feel my invader like real but ai

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