Hungry Shark Evolution | Evolutions full reveal -

Hungry Shark Evolution | Evolutions full reveal

Ubisoft Future Games Of London
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Bigger 🦈
Faster 💨
Stronger 💪

You can now evolve the most powerful sharks in Hungry Shark Evolution!

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  1. I thought Leo Evolve🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. I have dark hammer 💵💵💵💵💎💎💎🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. Hungry shark evolution sharks were kinda realistic but FGOL or Ubisoft makes the new sharks too cartoony like Hungry Shark World

  4. I should have played hungry sharks evolution in 2012 wait a minute I did not exist in 2012

  5. I forget when Moby Dick Is 45M Max Size but early Size is 10M I don't think Moby is 10M I think it's only 13.5M

  6. now Hungry shark evolution has lived up to its name when the evolved sharks update came out

  7. Obviously these skins are bad, this is Hungry Shark Evolution, not World! Why did you make the skins like in World? I think their looks should be more Evolutionized

  8. Not gonna lie, I like the animation for hungry shark evolution better than world

  9. Me: plays hungry shark evoMy sis: why is it called hungry shark evoMe: idk4 years Ohhh that's why it's called hungry shark evo

  10. ah yes, they had to make evolutions for a game called hungry shark: evolution

  11. Mira Hunter World te pongas un lugar para visitar a los clientes leviatán mezclado con un Godzilla creador

  12. Конечно у эволюционировавшей акулы-молота хорошая способность, но лучше превратите ее в пассивную. Я имею ввиду, чтобы к персонажу присоединялись другие акулы-молоты, когда он проплывает мимо них.

  13. I miss old days when this game is good 😭

  14. the new nuclier sharkjira has been is now here im exited

  15. I have a idea for next evolutionKraken=chultuhu😀

  16. Wewww Good luck hacking the new version

  17. ideas for next update have a third portal make mecha shark jira boss

  18. Hungry shark all can evolve this that shark
    Hammer Tiger abbys. #Alan sharjira

  19. Can you choose to de-evolve a shark after you already did? I personally don't like the cartoony look of the evolved sharks. Great work btw keep this amazing game going!

  20. I just started to play today I started as the reef shark but got the magmajira in less than an hour I got mod unlimited money and gems

  21. Cómo tengo la nueva actualización alguien me dice en español?

  22. I love this. Though as a f2p, I think that lowering the gem prices of the evolutions even by 20-50 gems would make the game economy and the player count rise up. But still, this is so fire.🔥

  23. Can ya like lower the evolution to the gems needed evolve looks because I'm a bit of a person that doesn't like death and just waste my gems so pls like 100 or somethin

  24. Me git all off thos shark and pet and emoleve

  25. This is Jay Official - LAST SUPERHEROES SEASON! says:

    The Darkhammer is SO great. It has shield in gold Rush and gets so much gold!

  26. Pls add mechagodzill in next update in hungry shark evolution

  27. I can evolve the hammerhead and tiger 🙂

  28. Сделайте пожалуйста эволюцию мегалодона Лео и Несси

  29. Hey FGOL can u maybe make evolved versions of babies cuz that would be cool. 😊

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