Hungry Shark Evolution: Defeating Giant Crab With Mako Shark -

Hungry Shark Evolution: Defeating Giant Crab With Mako Shark

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Defeated the Giant Crab in Hungry Shark Evolution with a Mako Shark. The Giant Crab does disappear for the remainder of the game but reappears once you start a new game.

The trick to defeating the Giant Crab is to keep swimming near it then pulling away just before it attacks you. If you do this enough times then it will say “ATTACK WITH BOOST!” at the bottom of the screen. Do this a few times and you will defeat the Giant Crab. In order to not starve to death you must continue to eat the Blob Fish found on the far left and a few at the top of the map.

No original sound because I did not know how to record the sound from the phone with Screencast.

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  1. Colton it's the baby mako shark it's a mini companion

  2. how do you have some much coins and gems

  3. i defeated all of the giant crabs with great white shark

  4. I dont know how i dış it bu i killed them all with Hammer shark 😀

  5. I didn't have to look at the map to get there I just found it lol… Then got brutally smashed

  6. Чувак, ты супер! Где ты скачал чит на 999.999.999 алмазов и монет?! Ты убил Гигантского краба с акулой Мако! МАКО!!! Это не такая уж и крутая акула но ты убил его с Мако…

  7. i have 1 question how you get that much gem and coin here answer for you
    1.hack gem and coin with you real life coin get it by keep playing

  8. U don't need the fork to defeat the crab but it's easier with it

  9. I defeated just using the good old hammerhead shark!

  10. i didnt get the mini shark or the green gem 🙁

  11. i use mako shark to kill the giant red crab and giant green crab lol

  12. and i use tiger shark to kill the giant black crab two time lol

  13. у меня синий краб

  14. i always die when im in the crabs lair lol😵

  15. why isn't open the gate how level to open the gate of the big crab plzzzzz😡😡😡😡

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