Hungry Shark Evolution Big Daddy (Dunkleosteus) -

Hungry Shark Evolution Big Daddy (Dunkleosteus)

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  1. Why are big daddy like a frog? look at his tongue

  2. Bia m aandar da sorte na na vee aluguel de fantasias para x😘

  3. Противный язык, вылезает так не приятно

  4. megalodon fuck to dunkleosteus, because super strong

  5. Im so jealous 🙁 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  6. In real megalodon would more big than dunkleosteus and in this game dunkleosteus is more big lmao

  7. I really like this video and the shark just imagine if you were one the people what would you do .
    I request everybody who is watching this video ( hungry shark Evolution big Daddy) plz subscribe it , leave a comment, and like it.😀

  8. I still hate the navy seals. They are annoying asf. They think that they stand a chance to survive against my Big Daddy

  9. Big daddy has a tong with theets that lets him eat

  10. Oh, I remember this! Good shit, my dude.

  11. That’s the shit that rapes me in the bottom left corner of the map

  12. Why did they nerf this its small now how can i download this versoin

  13. for me the shark looks smaller and mine i lvl 7 too

  14. I like it and all but the tounge sound is getting annoying

  15. Is it me, or is this shark swimming really really fast . Cuz idk 🤷

  16. Any one see the sign that say SAFE TO SWIM very accurate

  17. I am gamer🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴

  18. Ola tu me yamo amine vino aci en la casa de acogida tu visión me mola mucho y yo siempre juego a angry sarc me encanta y dime cien eres tu

  19. The thing coming out his mouth is his tongue, in the game, dunkleosteus has an extra mouth on his tongue

  20. Could you imagine this thing swimming after you?

  21. I eated all enemy shark using max big daddy and little daddy

  22. This game was a big part of my childhood, I just recently started playing it again!

  23. what the game has become, that the exact same 2021 is no longer very realistic, but here I’m afraid I’ll see this, well, nastolgiya. what can you do.

  24. Meu tubarão favorito, quer dizer peixe? Sei lá kkkkkkkkk nem é tubarão

  25. the word daddy in that name makes me uncomfortable

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