Hungry Shark Evolution - Baby Snowshark ALL Snowman Piece Locations -

Hungry Shark Evolution – Baby Snowshark ALL Snowman Piece Locations

Salmon on a Stick
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Since there isn’t a comprehensive video for this yet, here you go! All snowman piece locations for the Titanic event.

0:00 Day 1
0:14 Day 2
0:32 Day 3
0:52 Day 4
1:06 Day 5


  1. Ig it just shows the shark available to purchase but the event isn't up yet at 20th December but now I know I can get all of them pretty quickly

  2. tysm for this vid only real one i can find all the others are click bait im subing

  3. I found 2 today just now 🤔 also thank you ive been waiting for the last part; could not find it

  4. Idk if it’s just me but I found all the piece just a minute ago thanks to this video

  5. Extra note: Since 5 days have passed since the contest's original start date, you should be able to find all these pieces in a single run now, without having to wait or set your calendar forward. Happy to help you guys out!

  6. Woah I didn't expect them to be so easy to find… It took me 4 runs to find the stick arms without this videos help. By the way, what's the deal with your gems? Did you hack them or something?

  7. If you haven't heard, there is an unofficial Hungry Shark Discord! Come join the Hungry Shark Reef and hang out with other like-minded sharks just like you.
    Join here:

  8. Sir I have a question why I cant find any of these in the titanic portal I have my internet on

  9. Thank you so much man I was struggling to get this 😉😉😉

  10. ขุนนาง D. ใจบาง says:

    Now i found 3 piece 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. Yo actual thanks man I wouldn’t have done it without ur help <3

  12. Are the peices different for every player or the same?

  13. I saw this appear on the tips when the game was loading. But I couldn't find any snowman parts in the map. Is there a specific date for the quest or is there no snowman quest this year?

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