Hungry Shark Evolution All Sharks Information - Everything you need to know about all the sharks -

Hungry Shark Evolution All Sharks Information – Everything you need to know about all the sharks

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Everything you need to know about every single shark currently present in hungry shark evolution including special sharks. Information & little gameplay to show Health, boost, Boost Reagan and health depletion.


  1. thats how shark revenge when u littering at the sea >:(

  2. 2019 they don't have all those sharks I wish they did I want mr snappy

  3. That thing that says special sharks isn’t there for me how do I get it ??

  4. 6:03 dunkleosteus wasn’t even around when Megalodon was

  5. Dunkleosteus + mosasaurus=dunkleosaurus

  6. Can someone please tell me what is the differen between the ship on big daddy's info and moby dick's info. Their like different positions but what does it mean. Please tell me. 😢

  7. I'm saving up for Great White shark (*∩ω∩)

  8. Why is it that mr. snappy is deadlier than big daddy but much smaller at least 15 m

  9. Видео просто уууууу. Чё за дурацкий смех

  10. My fav sharks megalodon tiger shark great white sharkjira (all level 10)

  11. قصه عبد العزيز من دون يوتيوب

  12. hey guys do you know i need 430,000 coins to buy pyro shark and mr snappy 🙁🙁🙁🙁 so hard to earn that many

  13. Big daddy: hi im your big daddy im your father luke!

  14. tbh, the megalo should be the top tier shark, judging by the size that it can grow to, 14.5 metres is no joke, thats about a .5m less compared to the kaiju and abyss shark, smh

  15. 4:04 my favorite shark, THE GREAT WHITE SHARK 😍

  16. Hi my favorite is robo shark missile is powerful more than other

  17. Good old times that when this game really about sharks

  18. I have unlocked my all shark on my game

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